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‘Phase’ Review

‘Phase’ Review

Stars: Richard Sandling, Katie Pritchard, John Henry Falle, Stu Goldsmith, Sophie Cameron, Stephen Frost, Janet Prince | Written and Directed by Richard Sandling

Sometimes all you can do is admit you may have been wrong…Case in point, I am on record as saying that I fear a barrage of lockdown/isolation “Zoom” movies that are inevitability coming our way, I mean it stands to reason that as we haven’t been able to go anywhere and movie and TV sets have been shut down, of course people will jump onto Zoom and try to become the next Spielberg, because what the hell else are they gonna do? My fear though was that, much like the movie industry moves in trends, that this would become the trend and – honestly – I kinda just want to forget this period of history.

Then Host came along. A 50 minute Zoom-style horror that totally blew me away.

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