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New on Netflix: February 2021 Releases

New on Netflix: February 2021 Releases

February may be the shortest month, but that doesn’t mean streaming services can ignore their duty to entertain us at all times. In that mission, Netflix is making a decent effort in February 2021. This isn’t the most jam-packed month the major streamer has trotted out just yet but there are plenty of new originals to get the job done.

Netflix has a few original series of note this month. The party begins with Kid Cosmic on Feb. 2. This animated series is a comic-tinged adventure from Craig McCracken, creator of the Powerpuff Girls. That’s followed by the Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl-starring Firefly Lane on Feb. 3 and Behind Her Eyes on Feb. 17. Perhaps the biggest sleeper this month, however, is Tribes of Europa. This post-apocalyptic adventure series premieres on Feb. 19.

There are also quite a few intriguing Netflix original movies in February 2021. Malcolm and Marie stars John David Washington

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