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Jacqueline Fernandez spends an hour doing house chores

Jacqueline Fernandez spends an hour doing house chores

Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez, who recently moved house, admits she indulges in household chores, too, in between her hectic professional schedule.

"I spend an hour doing the house chores -- from looking into groceries to cleaning the house and looking into the food menu," she tells Ians.

"Living independently does give freedom but brings in a lot of challenges along with it. You need to have the right balance of personal and professional life," she adds.

If maintaining a physically healthy routine amid the grind of Bollywood is a challenge, and the actress has her way to manage with that bit.

"I maintain a journal which I write in the morning that helps me channelise my thoughts," she reveals.

She says her day starts early. "I am definitely a morning person and I prefer to start my day early as it gives me enough time for myself before the work commitments begin.

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