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10 Movies Proving Takashi Miike can Direct Anything

10 Movies Proving Takashi Miike can Direct Anything

Throughout his career, Takashi Miike was always considered a director-for-hire, meaning he would undertake almost any project he was commissioned to do. The result is that the films in his vast filmography differ significantly, to the point that it is difficult to fathom that all those works are actually from the same director.

On the occasion of Mubi streaming a number of his films, we have compiled a list of 10 titles that prove the chameleon-like directorial abilities of Miike, in the most eloquent way, as they include a superhero movie, a comedy, a horror, a children’s movie, a splatter, a musical, an adaptation, a thriller, a western and a drama.

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1. Zebraman (2004)

“Zebraman” deftly balances its outwardly dominant comedic nature with just enough underlying seriousness and genuine action to simultaneously provide sufficient superhero entertainment and drama while acting as

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