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‘Agatha All Along’ From ‘WandaVision’ Has Been Dethroned by ‘Pokemon’ on iTunes

‘Agatha All Along’ From ‘WandaVision’ Has Been Dethroned by ‘Pokemon’ on iTunes

Since premiering in the seventh episode of “WandaVision,” it seems no one has been able to get “Agatha All Along” out of their heads. But after several days at the top of the iTunes soundtrack charts, it has finally been dethroned by a Post-Malone/Pikachu tag team.

The alarmingly catchy song immediately went viral on TikTok, but it took a few days to arrive on streaming services – it was part of the February 19 episode of “WandaVision” but didn’t hit streamers until February 23. Once it did, it quickly climbed the charts. Within the day, “Agatha All Along” was number one on iTunes’ Top Soundtracks charts and headed for the top 10 on the main chart.

Why is it so catchy? Probably chaos magic. But also, it’s because it’s familiar. In an interview with Marvel, husband and wife song-writing duo Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez said, “[Agatha] gets her own theme song that is in,

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