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Film Review: The Way We Keep Dancing (2020) by Adam Wong

Film  Review: The Way We Keep Dancing (2020) by Adam Wong

Adam Wong’s “The Way We Keep Dancing” is a follow up to his great success from 2013 – “The Way We Dance”, his indisputably great take on Hong Kong’s street dance culture. This time the focus isn’t that much on dancing itself, but on the irreparable harm to the art community caused by the cunning strategies developed by the urban planning machinery to gentrify parts of the city.

The Way We Keep Dancing is screening at Osaka Asian Film Festival

The story of this loosely plotted drama is centered around the key members of Kida (Kowloon Industrial City Artists), dancers, graffiti- and hip hop artists united in attempts to save their creative environment that is under constant threat of being deconstructed in one way or the other. Kowloon is alive with the sound of drilling, hammering, and buzzing of big construction machines. It is to that cacophony that the

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