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Lucky Kuswandi Probes Post-Truth Era in Haf Project ‘108 Days’

Lucky Kuswandi Probes Post-Truth Era in Haf Project ‘108 Days’

Indonesian director Lucky Kuswandi’s “108 Days” has all the ingredients of an explosive story. It probes into a school scandal that kindles national outrage, homophobic and racist sentiments, pseudo-nationalism and anti-foreigner rhetoric – all of which are widely in evidence across Asia today.

The project, which is being pitched for the first time at the Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (Haf), is a fictional drama. But it draws on several recent court cases, where truth and facts took a backseat to trial by public opinion.

The story kicks off with the accusation that an expatriate teacher had sexually assaulted a pupil. It ruins the reputation of the school and the teacher, sparks ever more lurid accusations and media involvement. Without evidence, the police keep the openly gay teacher in jail for nearly four months while they look to benefit from a hefty lawsuit. And only one detective believes that the teacher might be innocent.

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