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Nosferatu in Venice

Nosferatu in Venice

This obscure Italian horror has Christopher Plummer, Donald Pleasence and atmospheric locations — and a making of story that Severin tells in full unexpurgated detail. Never released in an English- language territory, Augusto Caminito’s brooding shocker had four directors. Its commercial chances were derailed by its deranged star, Klaus Kinski, who poses well, molests his female co-stars and sabotages what was supposed to be a high-end horror attraction. Maybe Werner Herzog could wring what he wanted out of Klaus, but the manic prima donna gave everyone else the shaft.

Nosferatu in Venice


Severin Films

1988 / Color / 1:77 widescreen / 93 min. / Vampire in Venice, Prince of the Night / Street Date March 20, 2021 / Available from Severin Films / 30.00

Starring: Klaus Kinski, Christopher Plummer, Barbara De Rossi, Yorgo Voyagis, Anne Knecht, Donald Pleasence, Elvire Audray, Giuseppe Mannajuolo, Clara Colosimo, Maria Clementina Cumani Quasimodo, Micaela Flores Amaya ‘La Chunga’, Mickey Knox.

Cinematography: Tonino Nardi

Film Editor: Claudio M. Cutry

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