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AARP Fetes George Clooney with Career Achievement Award

AARP Fetes George Clooney with Career Achievement Award

George Clooney is the definition of timeless, which is why it’s hard to believe the Hollywood superstar will be turning 60 in May. But before that, on March 28, Clooney will receive the AARP Movies for Grownups Career Achievement Award at a virtual ceremony to be broadcast on PBS.

Clooney is an ideal fit for many reasons, perhaps most perfectly articulated by AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins: “He personifies aging with grace by proving that, with smarts and hard work, even the most extraordinary talent can improve with time. He is a slam-dunk argument against ageism.”

Clooney graced the cover of the February-March AARP Magazine, in which he joked the headline should read: “Sexiest Man Still Alive.” He also said of getting older, “I always say to my dad, ‘I’m middle-aged.’ And he goes, ‘You know a lot of 120-year-olds?’”

The honor comes on the heels of Clooney’s seventh film as a director,

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