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SXSW Free Short Film Streaming Event #SupporttheShorts Returns

SXSW Free Short Film Streaming Event #SupporttheShorts Returns

Oscilloscope Laboratories will team up with Mailchimp again this year for the free streaming event #SupportTheShorts, showcasing a variety of short films from the SXSW Film Festival on the streaming platform Mailchimp Presents. The Support the Shorts initiative was launched last year when SXSW was canceled because of the pandemic, causing short filmmakers to miss out on having their work seen by such a large audience.

While SXSW returned this year with an online event, the decision was made to continue with Support the Shorts to keep many of the event's short films in the spotlight. The short film event also will come with a new set of awards to recognize the titles that will be playing for free for people all around the world to see.

"We're so proud to bring back Support the Shorts, a collection of short films from SXSW, for a second year!" Sarita Alami, Head of Programming,

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