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Review: "Citizens Of The World" (2019) Directed By Gianni Di Gregorio


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By Giacomo Selloni

Three pensioners in Rome find love where they least expect it. In themselves.

Citizen of the World is a sweet and ultimate touching story that centers around two old friends, now retired, collecting their pensions that barely keep them afloat in expensive Rome, who discuss leaving Italy to find a place where they can "live as kings" on their measly pensions. Giorgio Colangeli plays Giorgetto, a cantankerous ne'er do well who's rarely worked in his life and is addicted to scratch off lottery tickets. He lives in a ramshackle apartment, the bathroom of which is up a spiral, metal staircase. He allows a homeless immigrant from Africa, Abu, (a sweet performance by first time actor Salih Saadin Khalid), to use his shower.

The director, Gianni Di Gregorio (called Italy's

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