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The 2021 Oscar-Nominated Short Films, Reviewed

The 2021 Oscar-Nominated Short Films, Reviewed

Ahead of the Academy Awards, we’ve reviewed every short film in each category: Animation, Documentary, and Live Action.


Burrow | USA | 6 Mins

I said it two years ago with Kitbull and will say it again now: it’s weird to watch a Pixar production utilizing a two-dimensional, hand-drawn style after so many years of computer animation. Madeline Sharafian’s Burrow continues that trend within the Disney+ Sparkshorts series and her tale of a young rabbit looking to dig out her dream home in the dirt. There’s a Little Golden Books appeal that hit me with a ton of nostalgia as her unwavering joy is shattered by not one, but two neighbors popping their heads through the walls separating her from their more ambitious abodes. One look at what they’ve each created sends her enthusiasm levels down to zero—her blueprints of a single room habitat a pale comparison conjuring only embarrassment instead.

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