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Genius Loci - Andrew Robertson - 16705

The spirit of the place does not perhaps bear a cornucopia but watches the hob, a toddler, boiling over. Exploring similar minimalisms of character design as her 2009 short Old Fangs, Adrien Merigeau's film makes use of a variety of contrasts to shed light on place and personality.

The stovetop pot kaleidoscopes onto the counter, the ringing flood echoes towards the baby gaol in the corner. Each frame painterly, enthralling, none clipped from context would disgrace a wall. We "find chaos", caught up, bound up, "cannot stop, only watch, listen". Somewhere between pastel and watercolour, a soft uncertainty, we wait for a sign.

A minotaur is drawn in the labyrinth light of a passing train. Something not glass is stained. The word at the end of the alleyway says "relapse" and we are on that edge. In quality and depth of animation there is inference and implication, from the suspicions of.

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