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How Animators Built the Magic of ‘Wolfvision’ for ‘Wolfwalkers’

How Animators Built the Magic of ‘Wolfvision’ for ‘Wolfwalkers’

The “wolfvision” sequence in Cartoon Saloon’s Oscar-nominated animated feature “Wolfwalkers” is perhaps one of the most striking animated moments this year.

Set in 1650 Ireland, the film follows Robyn (voiced by Honor Kneafsey), a wolf hunter’s daughter brought to Ireland as part of the English colonization of the Emerald Isle during the time of Oliver Cromwell. Robyn wants join her father in the hunt but he bans her from going into the forest. Being an adventurous girl, Robyn ventures there alone, where she meets Mebh (Eva Whittaker), a young Irish girl who happens to be able to transform into a wolf — a wolfwalker.

When Robyn goes to sleep, she learns she, too, can shapeshift and transform into a wolf. The flattened aesthetic of the 16th-century Irish town in which she lives — inspired by rough and boxy woodcut art of that era — transforms into flowing lines, vibrant colors and illuminated

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