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Hope | Review

Hope | Review

M is for Metastasis: Sødahl Returns with Emotional Portrait of Terminal Illness

Portraits of terminal illness have created a cinematic subgenre staple unto itself, and as such, we’ve come to expect the slings and arrows such melodramas provide. The universality of cancer allows such films the semblance of templates, generating survivor’s pathos or a wan representative guide for an elongated grappling in facing one’s physical decay.

Either calibrated for the benefit of loved ones or to showcase the agonizing predicament of the incurable victim, there’s been no stone unturned in the inevitable finality of a terminal prognosis. With carefully moderated grace thanks to a compelling performance from lead Andrea Bræin Hovig, Maria Sødahl’s third film in twenty years of narrative filmmaking remains a potent example of how such despairing realities still reveal the necessity and importance of the innately human titular emotion.…

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