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Jupiter’s Legacy: Ian Quinlan is the Mysterious Hutch

Jupiter’s Legacy: Ian Quinlan is the Mysterious Hutch

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Generationally speaking, the character of “Hutch” Hutchence is in an interesting position on Jupiter’s Legacy. He’s another bridge between the generations of heroes.

The man who plays Hutch is Ian Quinlan, who has appeared in the films City Hall and Music of the Heart. On television his credits include episodes of Lifestories: Families in Crisis, The Carrie Diaries, The Family, Gotham, Sneaky Pete, and Orange is the New Black.

Who Is Hutch?

Name: “Hutch” Hutchence

Alter Ego: None

Powers And Abilities: Possesses the Power Rod which allows Hutch to teleport himself and others anywhere simply by naming the location. It also emits energy blasts.

Need To Know: Son of George Hutchence. A complex, charismatic wild card who prefers the company of young villains. Hutch didn’t inherit his dad’s superpowers, but relies on his Power Rod, which enables him to navigate life

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