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Gay Best Friend: Sterling (Patrick Stewart) in "Jeffrey" (1995)

Gay Best Friend: Sterling (Patrick Stewart) in

a series by Christopher James looking at the 'Gay Best Friend' trope

The gay comedy "Jeffrey" features a refreshingly fun and unbridled sendup of the "gay best friend" character.Of the few gay-centric movies made in the 90s, a large number of them were dramas centered around the AIDS crisis. Movies like Philadelphia were very important in making straight America identify and care about those suffering with the disease. However, they were just that. They were made for straight America with the goal of educating them and generating empathy. Sure, that is a worthy cause and many of those movies were incredibly successful in that regard. However, these weren’t movies specifically made For members of the gay community. That’s where a movie like Jeffrey comes in.

Director Christopher Ashley and screenwriter Paul Rudnick created an ambitious, irreverent AIDS-themed comedy that never turns any of its bitchy queens into sympathetic martyrs.

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