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Oho Originals show ‘Kadak Meethi’ trailer released

Oho Originals show ‘Kadak Meethi’ trailer released

'Kadak Meethi', an Oho Originals, released the trailer to announce the series will be streamed on May 20, 2021. Starring Aarti Patel & Aarohi, this series follows the pleasant exchange of conversation between a mother and her daughter.

Post a successful reception of 'Vitthal Teedi', starring Pratik Gandhi, Oho Gujarati, announced the release of the next original series, 'Kadak Meethi'. Directed by Anish Shah, this series wish to showcase the beautiful relationship between a mother and daughter.

'Kadak Meethi' is a series of quirky, unfiltered and heartwarming conversations between a mother and daughter. Starring real-life mother-daughter duo onscreen, 'Kadak Meethi' features Aarti Patel as Mayuri (the mother) and Aarohi as Shivangi (the daughter). Shivangi a pampered child, who has lived with her parents always, moves to Mumbai to pursue her career and passion.

Like any mother, Mayuri, though initially panics about the fact her daughter will stay in a totally new city,

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