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Me, Myself and Di Review

Me, Myself and Di Review

New rule: you are not allowed to define yourself as a female-led film if you are using the females in your film to make young women feel shite about themselves. If the females leading your film are Trojan horses for an army of innuendo, slut-shaming and fat jokes they can do one.

The average UK dress size is 16, meaning that a number of the intended audience for British rom-com Me, Myself and Di will be curvy like its protagonist Janet. Janet loves ‘80s music, her Bhangra class and Heat magazine, she’s a happy soul who is content with her lot despite daydreams of finding her soulmate. It seems odd then that Me, Myself and Di devotes so much runtime to tearing Janet down.

Janet (Katy Clayton) has had a pretty rotten thirtieth birthday right up until the moment she wins big at the local Working Men’s Club; a

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