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Film Review: Summer Detective (2019) by Xu Lei

Film Review: Summer Detective (2019) by Xu Lei

Having worked as a writer on Alan Yuen’s 2019 film “The Rookies”, Xu Lei strikes out on his own with his directorial debut film “Summer Detective”. An off-kilter comedy that offers up a unique perspective on life in rural China, the movie marks a solid first entry in the director’s career.

Chaoying Xu is a farmer who has made a pretty penny selling off livestock in the lead up to his retirement. He’s in the midst of rebuilding his home from the ground up when a close friend, Shuhe Su, is hospitalised after being knocked off his scooter by a hit and run driver. Deciding to go for justice rather than let insurance cover the medical bills, Chaoying, along with another workmate Zhanyi Zhang, take on the near-impossible task of tracking down the perpetrator.

“Summer Detective” is about as deadpan as you can get in terms of comedy,

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