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Lewis Klahr Introduces His Film "Circumstantial Pleasures"

Lewis Klahr Introduces His Film

Lewis Klahr's Circumstantial Pleasures is exclusively showing on Mubi starting June 23, 2021 in many countries in the Undiscovered series. Two quotes and an interview segment were sent by Klahr as an introduction to the film."Leaving the seductive mid-century imagery that he’s best known for far behind, 'Circumstantial Pleasures' looks at the raw materials of contemporary life and distills them into a demanding and powerful work of anxiety, alienation, agitation, and abrasion. The film consists of six short works (ranging from two to 22 minutes) that convey the experience of being alive in the 21st century in ways that few other films have…

When 'Circumstantial Pleasures' premiered at Light Industry just as the pandemic’s spread was becoming more evident, a common audience response was how prescient the work was. And it’s true that the images of folks in N95 masks and hazmat suits hit much differently now than

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