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The Sandman Set Video Reveals Tom Sturridge as Dream

The Sandman Set Video Reveals Tom Sturridge as Dream

After so, so many years of waiting, fans of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman now have their first look at actor Tom Sturridge as the live-action iteration of title character, Morpheus, courtesy of some behind-the-scenes footage. While the short clip is far from being action-packed, it is exciting to see that, after all these years, the project is finally, really, actually happening.

Though Tom Sturridge does not quite have the alabaster-white skin of his comic book counterpart, he does look appropriately pale, sporting the all-black outfit that Dream often adorns when he pays visit to the waking world. While it is obviously difficult to glean too much from the short clip, it at least hints at the accuracy with which the Netflix series will approach the looks of the beloved characters.

The Netflix adaptation of The Sandman will be based on the critically acclaimed comic book series by author Neil Gaiman.

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