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New talent fronts cast of Fremantle/ABC’s ‘The Pm’s Daughter’

New talent fronts cast of Fremantle/ABC’s ‘The Pm’s Daughter’

Fresh faces lead the cast of the ABC and Fremantle Australia’s children’s comedy-drama The Pm’s Daughter, now shooting in Canberra.

Cassandra Helmot will play Cat Parkes Pérez, a young activist whose relatively normal teen life is thrown into disarray when political turmoil strikes and her mother (Claire Fearon) is unexpectedly thrust into the role of Prime Minister.

Major disruptions begin to occur at Canberra landmarks – all seemingly designed to directly sabotage the Pm. Cat and her new friends, Sadie (Natalie English) and Ollie, set out to track down and unmask a rogue faction within a youth action group called Action Uprising. The clues will take them across every inch of the capital and lead them to investigate even their own schoolmates.

Nya Cofie (The Unlisted) and Amelie James-Power also star as Cat’s classmates Miro and Georgina, joining an adult cast of Anthony Brandon Wong (The Family Law

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