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Teresa Palmer Horror ‘The Twin’ Adds Further Territory Sales (Exclusive)

Teresa Palmer Horror ‘The Twin’ Adds Further Territory Sales (Exclusive)

Sales and production company Film Constellation has secured further pre-sales on upcoming English-language horror “The Twin,” starring Teresa Palmer and directed by Taneli Mustonen (“Lake Bodom”), with Bf Distribution boarding the film in Latin America and Studio Dhl in South Korea. Film Constellation has also revealed the art for the film’s poster (see below).

Palmer stars as a young mother who is haunted by the violent death of one of her twins. As she and her partner set out to rebuild their lives in the Scandinavian countryside, they soon come to realize that some secrets are so evil, they need to be buried twice.

Steven Cree and Barbara Marten (“The Turning”) also star.

Previously announced sales on the film, signed at script stage, include France (Mediawan), German-speaking territories (Leonine), Benelux (Dutch Filmworks), Cis (Nashe Kino), Mena (Falcon Films), Taiwan (Deepjoy Picture Corporation), Indonesia (Pt Prima) and Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia

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