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Benedetta Review – Cannes 2021

Benedetta Review – Cannes 2021

The marketing wasn’t lying. Benedetta, the latest from legendary Dutch director Paul Verhoeven, really is an epic sass-fest in which obscenely attractive nuns play power games against each other for God’s approval. On a higher level, though, it’s another taste of the director’s distinct blend of irreverence we’ve enjoyed since Robocop.

Starring Virginie Efira as the titular nun, whose lifelong devotion sprang out of numerous childhood encounters with the divine, Benedetta largely focuses on the turbulent years in which she acrimoniously rose to the summit of the Theatine convent in Pescia, Tuscany. But the story really begins when Bartolomea (Daphne Patakia), a vulnerable peasant girl whose life is saved by entry to the Theatines, shows Benedetta a slightly different way to experience holiness.

Mother Superior Felicita (Charlotte Rampling) is none the wiser, but her daughter Christina (Louise Chevillotte) knows something is up. Cue chaos, intrigue

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