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The wealth of a nation by Jennie Kermode

The wealth of a nation by Jennie Kermode

Looking to the future in Running Against The Wind Photo: Yenefasu Felemia

The story of two boys whose destinies diverge as each pursues his passion, Running Against The Wind was Ethiopia’s entry for Best Film not in the English Language at the 2020 Oscars. It’s now out on on Blu-ray in the UK and enjoying a cinematic release in the US. It stems from an idea which German director Jan Philipp Weyl had over a decade ago as a high schooler, when he was invited to Ethiopia by the actor and philanthropist Karlheinz Böhm. When we connected to discuss the film, he explained how it happened.

“I collected more than €23,000, starting from eighth grade, in order to build a school in Ethiopia. Back then, you know, it was a different time. There was no social media yet. It was me and my friend, we we kept on going selling

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