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Review: Howard Hawks' "Scarface" (1932) Starring Paul Muni; Blu-ray Special Edition From Imprint

Review: Howard Hawks'

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By Todd Garbarini

I originally saw the Brian De Palma/Al Pacino version of Scarface (1983) on laserdisc in 1994 and again in a 20th anniversary theatrical screening in New York, but not since. Recently, I decided to have revisit it on Netflix and was amazed that I recalled very little of it. The constant use of profanity and the intensity of some of the violent set pieces, in particular the notorious chainsaw scene, are tamer than the language and the most violent moments of HBO’s The Sopranos (1999 – 2007) and Showtime’s Brotherhood (2006 – 2008). However, in 1983 Universal Pictures was prompted to release the film with the following caveat in the newspaper ads when the film was released in December: “Caution – Scarface is an intense film both in its use of language and depiction of violence. We suggest mature audiences.” While one might think this was a

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