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How Cruel Summer’s Ending Changes Everything For Season 2

How Cruel Summer’s Ending Changes Everything For Season 2

Warning: contains spoilers for the Cruel Summer finale.

Buzzy teen drama Cruel Summer is one of 2021’s most unexpected delights, a wildly addictive, twisty mystery spread across three distinct timelines and featuring a pair of great young actresses at its center in Olivia Holt and Chiara Aurelia.

The story, which ostensibly follows the aftermath of a kidnapping in a small Texas town, has a little bit of everything: Unreliable narrators, a nostalgia-heavy 1990s setting, a banging soundtrack, and one of television’s most carefully nuanced depictions of trauma and the lingering effect it can have on those whose lives it touches. In just ten episodes, Cruel Summer manages to brilliantly balance plot and character drama, exploring complex emotional truths without ever resorting to outlandish gotcha twists.

The story of Cruel Summer revolves around Jeanette Turner and Kate Wallis, two girls who couldn’t seem more different from one another on the surface.

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