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Fatal Raid – Review

Fatal Raid – Review

(left-right) Jade Lin, Hidy Yu, Jade Leung, Michael Tong and Sin-Hang Chiu star in Fatal Raid. Photo courtesy of Well Go USA Entertainment.

The Fatal Raid is a contemporary Hong Kong action flick offering the best and the worst of this category of subtitled imports. It’s cops vs. bad guys, setting up a slew of intense, elaborately staged action sequences. It also features a handful of lethally gifted babes (some of whom wear less than their situations call for) among the ranks on both sides of the law, reviving the “girls with guns” subset of the martial arts family that thrived a couple of decades ago on both sides of the Pacific.

My low rating comes from the script being hard to follow as it jumps between two time frames 20 years apart, and several illogical aspects to what the characters do, even once we understand their motivations.

In The Fatal Raid,

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