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The Simpsons: The 10 Most Prolific Writers, Ranked

The Simpsons: The 10 Most Prolific Writers, Ranked

The biggest name associated with the creation and production of The Simpsons is Matt Groening. After all, he created the series and based the Simpson family characters on his own family. However, there are countless writers who have brought these characters to life over the years, from the current showrunner Al Jean to king of one-liners George Meyer to the late Sam Simon, who was the original head writer and assembled the first team of writers.

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Some Simpsons writers stayed for a few seasons then left. Some left and then came back. A few have been there since the very beginning. These writers are the ones who have contributed the most episodes to the show over the years and created some of The Simpsons' most hilarious, touching, and memorable moments.

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