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Norway Film and TV Biz Thrives Despite Challenges

Norway Film and TV Biz Thrives Despite Challenges

Eighteen months after the outbreak of the Covid crisis, the Norwegian film industry has never been busier.

A combination of strict protocols, generous government programs and film-friendly measures has enabled the industry to resume production to answer the ever-growing demand for both domestic content and international co-productions.

Norway’s cinematic landscapes have become a prized destination for foreign filmmakers thanks to a generous incentive scheme introduced in 2016 and state-of-the art infrastructure.

“The Norwegian state invested its oil money in amazing infrastructure — roads, tunnels, bridges, domestic airports,” says Per Henry Borch, the line producer of the “Mission: Impossible” franchise in Norway. “From a film perspective, it’s fantastic to be able to get to these spectacular and remote places so easily.”

There’s another major draw, according to the veteran producer: “Today, Norway is a no-cash society, so everything is transparent. It’s a major advantage for foreigners because when you

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