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Recasting The Faculty If It Was Made Today

Recasting The Faculty If It Was Made Today

Some horror movies, especially slasher flicks, seem to get a reboot or a sequel every few years. Those movies have a lasting legacy with audiences that love the scare. While The Faculty hasn't seen any reboots, it's a reboot itself of 1951's The Puppet Masters, and one that's become a cult classic.

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When it was released in 1998, it was full of actors who appeared in a lot of '90s movies, like Clea Duvall and Elijah Wood, or actors on the rise, like Jordana Brewster and Josh Hartnett. The combination of new talent and known players worked in the movie's favor as the audience didn't know which teen was really an alien in disguise. A similar combination of new faces and known teen talent would need to be used to get the same effect today.

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