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Bruce Dern Talks Goliath, Family, Importance of History

Bruce Dern Talks Goliath, Family, Importance of History

We have more entertainment at our fingertips, and practically unlimited choices than history could have imagined.

So it's not surprising if you're unfamiliar with the history of the entertainment business. But history is always present, and without those who came before, today's culture wouldn't exist.

Goliath Season 4, its last, leaned heavily into the history of filmmaking with its storytelling, set design, and cast.

Bruce Dern has been working non-stop since 1960. He's worked with some of the greatest actors, directors, and writers of any generation.

Having the opportunity to talk with some who has touched so many aspects of our cinematic history is a blessing you cannot overlook.

Like many people with so many cherished moments behind them who are still charmed enough to make more, Bruce is an avid conversationalist, eager to share with anyone willing to listen.

He makes a connection, and suddenly an interview feels more personal. I'm in Pittsburgh,

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