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Weasel’S Tale – Review

Weasel’S Tale – Review

A scene from Weasel’S Tale.

The Weasel’S Tale (“El Cuento De Las Comadrejas”) is a subtitled Argentine dramedy about a cluster of past-their-prime film celebrities that perfectly nails the sweet spot for presenting elderly protagonists as real, if eccentric, people. Most films or TV series starring seniors make them overly feisty or clever, presumably to attract younger viewers. For every Cocoon, there are scads of Grumpy Old Men or Golden Girls for laughs, or action films like Red that features retired spies who can still kick an outrageous amount of younger bad guy butts.

Some of those have been entertaining; others have ranged from condescending to absurd. But the age-consistent course of events here makes this one a rare treat. Think of Sunset Boulevard without a sycophant butler.

Former screen diva Mara Ordez (Graciella Borges) lives in a rundown mansion, surrounded by reminders of her former glory, including her

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