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Sewati Audiovisual Boards Morbido Lab Standout ‘Portraits’ (Exclusive)

Sewati Audiovisual Boards Morbido Lab Standout ‘Portraits’ (Exclusive)

Up-and-coming Argentine production house Sewati Audiovisual has boarded “Portraits,” one of the most frightening titles pitching at this year’s Morbido Lab for genre projects within the framework of a rescheduled and in-person Sanfic Industria.

Sewati joins original Buenos Aires-based producers Latitud Audiovisual, co-founded in 2017 by “Portraits” director Gabriel Musco and Ezequiel de San Pio and Walter Ponte, both producers on the film, with the intention of creating quality audiovisual productions. “Portraits” is the company’s second feature.

“Portraits” will be directed by Gabriel Musco, a graduate of the prestigious Cievyc institute in Buenos Aires, who is quickly making a name for himself in the world of genre cinema after several impressive shorts – “The Limits of Love,” “Therapy in the Time of Zombies” among them – and his thrilling debut feature “Dark Fears,” about a kidnapping that takes an unexpected turn.

In “Portraits,” Clara Kovacic plays a young woman who, after

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