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'Covid-19' - TV LImbo

'Covid-19' - TV LImbo

With 'Covid-19' breakthrough cases continuing to cause havoc in the film industry, resulting in 'hiatus' status and TV production delays, here is a list of series, either close to shooting, in the can, or sitting in limbo until scheduling gets back to normal:

TV Limbo

Call Your Mother (ABC)

Women of the Movement (ABC)

A League of Their Own (Amazon)

Citadel (Amazon)

Daisy Jones and The Six (Amazon)

Dead Ringers (Amazon)

Dirty Diana (Amazon)

Fallout (Amazon)

Jack Reacher (Amazon)

Lightyears (Amazon)

Nancy Wu Done It (Amazon)

On The Spectrum (Amazon)

Outer Range (Amazon)

Panic (Amazon)

Paper Girls (Amazon)

The Banker's Wife (Amazon)

The Expatriates (Amazon)

The Horror of Dolores Roach (Amazon)

The Lord of the Rings (Amazon)

The Peripheral (Amazon)

The Terminal List (Amazon)

The Wilds (Amazon)

Them (Amazon)

Three Pines (Amazon)

Tong Wars (Amazon)

61st Street (AMC)

La Fortuna (AMC)

National Anthem (AMC)

Pantheon (AMC)

Echo 3 (AppleTV

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