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Best Movies Coming to Netflix in December 2021

Best Movies Coming to Netflix in December 2021

Ho, ho, ho. And like that 2021 is (almost) over. It went by fast, didn’t it? But even as the year that was begins its final 30-day run on your calendar, we cannot deny being happy to see the broader holiday season here, and all the good cheer it brings—including on streaming services.

Netflix, for one, is committed to spreading happy tidings, as judged by their glut of new Christmas movies. However, if you’re someone who isn’t looking for more cinematic trifles this December, and rather just want to know about the best non-original film content coming to your living room, well we’ve comprised the list below!

Closer (2004)

December 1

No one would mistake Mike Nichols’ brutally cynical adaptation of Patrick Marber’s play to be a holiday movie, and yet there are few better films you could watch on Netflix this December. A blunt force meditation

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