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The Secrets of DC’s New Batman Era

The Secrets of DC’s New Batman Era

This article contains spoilers for Batman #118.

There’s no bigger single title in the DC Comics library right now than the core Batman book. Consistently the book where the future of the Dark Knight is made each month, it’s also been the DC title with perhaps the longest unbroken run of the highest-possible-octane creative teams in superhero comics over the last 15 years. Since 2006, Batman has been written by Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder, Tom King, and James Tynion IV, each bringing their own flavor to the book over extended, sprawling runs.

The latest writer to hit the bat-jackpot is Joshua Williamson, who has had a string of creative successes of his own over the last few years, but who is perhaps best known for an unbroken five year run on The Flash, where he renewed and restored countless elements of not just Barry Allen’s history, but the entire Flash legacy.

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