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Patrick’s Favorites of 2021

Patrick’s Favorites of 2021

After a number of years in which it maybe wasn’t the case, it seems like we horror fans are continually spoiled year after year. Every December or January when it comes time to make my list of favorites for Daily Dead, I’m blown away as I look back and see just how many incredible books, films, TV shows, conventions, streaming offerings, DVDs, boutique Blu-rays – you name it – are released in a given year. Though it may have been a challenging disaster in so many other ways, 2021 was no exception when it came to horror. Here are just some of my favorites.


As a huge fan of the Child’s Play film series – particularly some of the latter Dtv entries that have taken the franchise into bizarre and exciting new directions – I was out of my mind excited about the new Chucky TV show, which aired on both USA and SyFy.

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