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‘As a Prelude to Fear’ Review

‘As a Prelude to Fear’ Review

Stars: Francis Magee, Lara Lemon, Lucy Drive, Jamie Langlands, Melissa Hollett, Tom Clear, Owen Llwelyn, Roger Wyatt, Peter Rayfield, Amelia Armande, Ron McMillan, Nicola Boreham | Written by Steph Du Melo, Jacob Coen, Roger Wyatt | Directed by Steph Du Melo

As a Prelude to Fear is one of two new horrors from Steph Du Melo and MeloMediaFilms and when I say new horrors I mean new British horrors. Yes folks, we have a newcomer to the UK horror scene, something we keep a close eye on here at Nerdly (that’s why we sponsor both Grimmfest and the Romford Horror Festival), coming out the gate with not one but two films – both of which we’ll be reviewing this week and both of which tackle very different aspects of the genre.

The film tells the story of a young cellist called Eve Taylor (Lara Lemon) who gets kidnapped and imprisoned in a dungeon-like basement,

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