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‘Below the Fold’ VOD Review

‘Below the Fold’ VOD Review

Stars: Davis DeRock, Sarah McGuire, Jamie Addison, Daniel Compo | Written and Directed by Clayton Scott

The story isn’t a new one with Below The Fold, as a couple of local newspaper reporters delve into a ten-year-old case about a missing girl. The deeper they go into the story, the more questions and suspects there seems to be.

As I said, you might feel like you’ve seen it all before, Below The Fold doesn’t throw up any real surprises but what it does do, it does pretty damn well. First time writer and director Clayton Scott does a great job at creating this world (set in Northwest Missouri) that you believe this could all happen in. Often drab and abandoned buildings are shown, and although it is often shot beautifully it’s clear that this is a run-down place that people generally want to leave.

It does indeed

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