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Heidi Montag Regrets Shocking Plastic Surgery! See Her Scars Plus Other Stars Who Went Under Knives in 2010!

Last year self-confessed ‘plastic surgery addict’ Heidi Montag shocked the world by announcing she had undergone 11 drastic procedures at once and still wanted more!

Heidi, who once raved how much she loved her new “perfect and plastic” body, has changed her tune, saying she is miserable with her appearance and that her nearly-dozen surgeries left her with painful and embarrassing scars all over her.

She showed off her botched body, which included lumpy legs from bad lipo and bald spots on her hairline from her brow lift — and she told Life & Style mag that she feels like “Frankenstein.”

Luckily there may be hope for Heidi. “It puts a bad light on things we do but her issues are simply not disasters and she isn’t green with bolts sticking out of her neck,” says Sarasota, Fl based plastic surgeon J. David Holcomb, MD. “Even the most offensive scars can be improved with appropriate care.

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