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Film Review: Pedro (2021) by Natesh Hegde

Film Review: Pedro (2021) by Natesh Hegde

Pedro”, the interesting debut feature of a young Kannada director Natesh Hegde, is an engaging glimpse into a closed rural community of a village located amidst Western Ghat’s dense forest. It drifts away from the usual slice-of-life documentarian style of this type of tale toward intimate psychodrama and introspective portrayal of a character, whose passiveness, alienation, and apathy are largely anti-heroic.

Pedro” is screening at Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

Pedro is a middle-aged electrician, doing odd contracted jobs, who lives with his mother, sister-in-law, and her little son in a cramped house. He replaced his estranged brother, a troublemaking feisty drunkard, as the head of a family, and the former often bangs at the door, manifesting his anger and shouting his frustration off. Pedro’s looks are ordinary, he hardly ever speaks, and drinks a bit too much, like most of the males he knows. Despite a

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