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"Green Ghost" Honors How Abuelas Anchor Latinx Families

As Maribel sings in the opening minutes of "Encanto," "Abuela runs this show." Latinx culture may be patriarchal, but our families tend to be organized around our matriarchs, and Hollywood is finally taking note. The latest nana tribute is "Green Ghost and the Masters of the Stone," a campy martial arts adventure that's also playing a role in giving abuelas their due.

In "Green Ghost," the nana in question nurtures her own descendants and takes in a little gringito neighbor boy named Charlie. He becomes best friends with her grandson, a love interest to her granddaughter, and the titular hero of this film. Played by Charlie Clark, who also wrote the screenplay with Michael D. Olmos (Edward James Olmos's son), the fictional Charlie loves his adopted Mexican family and their culture, even as he understands his outsider status.

My favorite part of the film is probably the credits, which

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