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‘WWE Raw’ Review (May 30th 2022)

‘WWE Raw’ Review (May 30th 2022)

Guess who’s back reviewing WWE Raw? Nerdly that’s who! Yes, we’re getting back into regularly reviewing the WWE’s flagship show going forward. Hopefully watching and enjoying and not hate-watching though! It’s our second straight week of reviewing Raw in months, what’s in store this week? Let’s get into the review…

Match #1: Bianca Belair def. Asuka The following is courtesy of

In the final moments of an extremely hard-fought one-on-one matchup en route to the Raw Women’s Title Triple Threat Match at WWE Hell in a Cell, Bianca Belair reversed a pin attempt on Asuka to pick up the quick fall. Before she could celebrate, though, Becky Lynch suddenly left her spot on Raw commentary and attacked both Superstars without warning. After leaving The Est of WWE and The Empress of Tomorrow on the canvas, Big Time Becks walked away

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