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Film Review: Pure Japanese (2022) by Daishi Matsunaga

Film Review: Pure Japanese (2022) by Daishi Matsunaga

A common trope in action movies, the storyline of the retired individual who wants a life of peace only to find forces against his will bringing him back into the old ways, is used pretty frequently. Heroes from Gary Cooper, Wesley Snipes, and Steven Seagal have all attempted the setup for themselves to varying degrees of success, and while not normally a true man-of-action to their degree, veteran actor Dean Fujioka offers his own take on the style in Daishi Matsunaga’s latest film “Pure Japanese” screening at Nippon Connection.

“Pure Japanese” is screening at Nippon Connection

Following an accident on set, actor Daisuke Tateishi (Dean Fujioka) decides the time is right to focus on his career as a high-quality stuntman in numerous action films in the industry. When his latest shoot takes him to a small village, he meets up with Ayumi (Aju Makita), a high-school student who’s

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