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Short Film Review: Storage Man (2022) by Tatsuro Manno

Short Film Review: Storage Man (2022) by Tatsuro Manno

There’s nothing particularly new about Tatsuro Manno’s “Storage Man” in its comment on global economic crises and the gig economy. Both are subjects tackled – and handled well – before, in works such as Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s “Tokyo Sonata” (2008) and Ken Loach’s “Sorry We Missed You” (2019), to name just a couple of examples. Manno’s piece, however, very much has Covid in mind, destroying more than just health, but entire lives.

“Storage Man” is screening at Skip City International D-Cinema Festival

Takashi (Hirotaka Renge) has lost his job as his company struggles to cope with the financial impact of Covid. As such, he spends his days at home looking for work online, downing beers as he does. His wife Akiko (Kaho Seto) is far from pleased, as are her parents who demand their divorce, leaving Takashi out on the street, without a wife, daughter, income or home. Walking past a storage space rental,

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