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"P-Valley"'s Katori Hall on the Spectacle of Season 2: "Everybody Can Clock That the Show Is Good"

We're way beyond the days of calling "P-Valley" a TV series just about strippers. Katori Hall's acclaimed Starz drama reached breakout success after its first season aired in the summer of 2020, largely because it created a raw yet empowering space for strip-club culture to be seen in a way that's rarely displayed on television. But the show accomplished so much more than that in season two.

"P-Valley" took braver steps with its second installment to depict issues far too complex to be contained inside a small-town, neon-lit club, aka The Pynk - including poverty, politics, sexual identity, systemic racism, domestic violence, misogyny, and a pandemic. "The second season is crafted better in terms of dramatic construction," Hall tells Popsugar. "That feeling of, 'Oh my God, what's going to happen next?' Being overwhelmed, I think, is very much a part of the feeling of season two."


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