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Podtalk: Director Michelle Danner Catches Up to ‘The Runner’

Podtalk: Director Michelle Danner Catches Up to ‘The Runner’

Chicago – When it comes to the passion of filmmaker Michelle Danner, there are no limits. She has five feature credits as director, a film in post production, two more in pre-production, and, oh yes, she’s an L.A. acting instructor and producer/actor. “The Runner” is her latest, and opens in theaters on August 19th, 2022.

Privileged teenager Aiden (Edouard Philipponnat) is working to get his life back on track. His lucrative side hustle dealing drugs to his classmates and his own personal addiction has forced his distraught mother (Elizabeth Röhm) to turn him over to the police. But if he acts as a confidential informant and sets up a major drug kingpin (Eric Balfour), the cops promise to reward his cooperation. As the sting operation begins to fall apart, it threatens Aiden’s deal and his very survival.

The Runner,’ Directed by Michelle Danner (inset)

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