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Why The Sandman Season 2 Still Hasn’t Been Confirmed

Why The Sandman Season 2 Still Hasn’t Been Confirmed

This post contains light spoilers for The Sandman

It sure seems that people like The Sandman. The long-in-development adaptation of the influential DC Comics series finally came to Netflix on Aug. 5, and almost immediately gained a following. Fans took to Tom Sturridge’s complex portrayal of Dream aka Morpheus, the Lord of the Dreaming. Over the initial 10 episodes, fans tuned in to watch Morpheus gain his items back from the troubled John Dee (David Thewlis), capture the rogue nightmare the Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook), and contend with guest stars such as Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer and Jenna Coleman’s Johanna Constantine. So popular was the show that Netflix even dropped a surprise bonus episode, which adapted fan-favorite stories “Dream of a Thousand Cats” and “Calliope.”

So why hasn’t The Sandman been renewed for a second season? Writer and creator of The Sandman comics Neil Gaiman, who also co-created the Netflix

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